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Report: Russian operative said 'We made America great' after Trump's win. The last woolly mammoth died 4, years ago on an island in the Arctic. Potentially dangerous chemical found in heartburn pill Zantac. Astronomers discover filaments of cosmic web that held the early universe together. Rays beat Astros to force decisive Game 5.

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Clinton responds to Trump urging her to run again. Sanders to change nature of campaign after heart attack. Jennifer Aniston reveals why she turned down 'SNL'.

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Tom Holland shaves his head and fans react. That's what he said: 10 best NFL quotes from Week 5. Gwen and Blake bought a house together. Powell says Fed will start expanding its balance sheet. Chrisleys cleared of tax evasion charge. Dying wife has a challenging request for her funeral. Study: U. Zach Braff, 44, dating actress Florence Pugh, Jones not basing Prescott's value on recent play, but he should be. Meet the woman who had a singleton, twins and then triplets. See Meghan Markle react to trying on flower crown filters.

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US announces visa restrictions on China for Xinjiang abuses. America's next major food destination is not where you think.

Motorhome of the future drives as you relax, eat, and sleep. White House declares war on impeachment inquiry.

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I'm obsessed with this Peruvian condiment that goes with everything. Vietnam vet escapes house fire thanks to rescue dog waking him. Restraints and shackles of Capricorn, genetics and family ties, all need to be broken for love and a personal sense of value. They stand for a union of two strong and somewhat stubborn people, and their happiness is defined through their ability to connect and truly love another human being and their own reflection in the mirror.

This symbol speaks of the power of nature and joyful, magical imagery it brings to our lives.

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While we might think that those born on this date have some rigid and rational tasks that need to be fulfilled, they obviously have a purpose to find a way to approach their animalistic nature and their instincts through beauty and harmony. This is a position that speaks of finding beauty in everything, including all those possibly aggressive and negative things that might burden one's life.

It is impossible to carry out a good story of January 15th without a personal sense of value, magic, and love, and partnerships and marriage should only come out of truthful and beautiful emotions and the inner guidance that makes them smile. Their purpose in this world is to initiate, spark the flame of passionate choices, love, and sexuality, being the one to connect emotion with instincts, and matters of the heart with those of the body.

Often children of young parents, or those who made instinctive choices, their mature Capricorn nature needs to tame the youthful one within, and shape it into constructive ways to manifest beauty.

Venus enters Scorpio

When a person is born on January 16th they have a task to balance the masculine with a feminine primal instinct. This is a personality that has sharp boundaries between the intellectual, emotional, and physical worlds, and they make it hard for them to find a partner to complete them in all these areas of life. Passionate and ready to win the heart of their loved one, this Capricorn can wait for years for the perfect love to come.

Unfortunately, Venus acts now, on the impulse, and with Mars as their date's primal ruler, there is no tomorrow to wait for in their story of love. This impulse could push them into marriage quite early, just as it could move them to another extreme, but the real thing they should strive for is the point of balance between action and attraction, passion and emotion, and all those things they value in their life.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Creative and turned to beautiful things, individuals born on this date excel at creative work, all types of art, as well as value assessments of any kind. An especially exciting day will be January 15, when Jupiter connects with power planet Pluto, helping you meet some influential people and allowing you to tap into valuable hidden resources.

A fresh start around finances and self-worth will arrive during the new moon in Capricorn on January 16—this is a fantastic time for you to cast a money spell or, more practically, to work out your budget. Aquarius season is on the way! Venus enters this cool Air sign on January 17, and the Sun enters it on January 19, followed by Mercury on January Luckily, your mental acuity will be ultra sharp—unlike it was for much of December, when communication planet Mercury was retrograde in your sign.

Aquarius has a genius energy, so expect a few eureka moments later this month. Action planet Mars enters your sign on January 26, boosting your energy and possibly making you a bit more confrontational that usual—Mars is the planet of war, after all! Where do you want to point your arrow next, dear archer? Speaking of the heart, the end of the month brings a full moon even bigger than the one at the start: a super, blue, lunar eclipse in fellow Fire sign Leo, the sign that rules the heart.

Eclipses lead us to our destiny.