Karmic relationship astrology

From my observations, expect years like 7 to In a true SM relationship it won't matter, if anything it will make you stronger. Life is not neat, nor has it ever been. So why should it start now? There is something about the Passion you share with an SM. It goes beyond just " body parts". For a moment in time you two are the only ones who exist in the universe. Hearts beating in rhythm as your souls have intertwined themselves becoming one. Your personal energies meld and you feel the flame of creation move through you like a wave of the ocean on a hot summers day.

Soon you begin to lose track, of where you begin and your partner ends. From within the depths of your raw passionate union, your SM will know how and where to touch you.

Soulmate Continuum: Karmic Relationships - Conscious Reminder

It will be different, intense and more gratifying than lovers of your past. They will look into your eyes and you will feel your soul open wide. For some people, there is the "Rush". All the love, all the lust, all the need will surge forth from your soul like captives from a prison. At this moment you will know what it means to get lost within someone's eyes. You will experience a touch you have never felt before and your lust will rise to new levels.

Often, in the case of true Soulmates, you can get so carried away you can actually hurt yourself. I know.. It is within our nature as human being to fuck things up. The very thing which makes Soulmate love so special, is the one thing which can bring it down. We learned how to have relationships from our parents or primary giver. If your primary givers relationships were dysfunctional, then chances are so are yours.

Karmic relationships astrology

There are many people in this world who in relationships maintain an extreme amount of emotional control. They take pride in the fact that their partner is madly in love with them. By being able to "wrap them around their finger" they feel safer. Thus, all their relationships become based on this pattern. Then one day their SM comes along and wham!. Quickly they discover the control over their heart and the relationship is gone.

Now they must relate on a level playing field, and for many, they run. For those of you who are runners let me tell you what you already know. It doesn't work. You can move to the other side of the planet, marry someone else and fill up your spare time with some cause.

But the simple truth is, your SM will be there in your soul. No matter how hard you try, no matter how busy you make yourself, everyday they will enter you thoughts. So then many try and fuck them out. But that doesn't work either, for it becomes just sex and as you lay there afterwards you will feel empty and cheated.

A good measure of this is a simple test. After you have just made love to the person who you are using as a safe substitute, do you find yourself wanting to "get away" from them? A kind of "Okay, I got off.. This is assuming that you can still get off. In some cases your orgasms are just barely, if you're lucky. When you were with your SM , didn't you feel the need to remain close, to pull each other tightly and melt into each other? That's the difference If you run, then you've made the conscious choice to doom yourself and the other person to be haunted for the rest of your life.

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Sure, you may eventually fall in love with someone who fits your preconceived image or expectation cute, rich or successful of what your partner should be. But as time moves on I have a saying: The Soulmate relationship is worth putting up a fight, but there comes a time when you have done all that you can do..

At some point, the one who runs has to choose to stop and come to their senses. Life is sadly cruel, just as it is grand. Short of burying your child, losing your Soulmate is indescribable anguish. It is like having your tender soul ripped from your body. You feel lost, abandoned and betrayed. There is a sense of panic which permeates your very being and personal existence. You find yourself saying, "never again".

You did something you had never done before, you willingly let another in Eventually, after the shock, the depression comes, then the anger and then you just want it all to end. You wish you could just stop feeling And no matter how much you drink, smoke or eat, you can't make the pain go away.

How do you know if you’re in a karmic relationship?

Yes, regular love hurts too.. But when you lose your SM , no matter how enlightened, wise or talented, in both will and spirit you are Many of us sadly, fail to recover and we truly never "Love" again. Those who are really weak, try to kill themselves. Be it with a car speeding on a wet winding road after drinking, or "J" walking on 42nd street, to just taking one too many pills.

The end result is the same if we succeed, suicide is suicide whether you leave a note or not. In the end, we don't even want to see the person, because that just tares open the wound over and over. Right or wrong, that's just the way it is. Eventually, you go on with your life and you stop hating them Every now and then life gives us a happy ending. Sometimes, after trying to get their SM out of their minds, the "runner" comes to realize what they had lost. A few are wise enough to do whatever it takes to correct the situation and get back into their Soulmates arms.

Hopefully, not enough time has gone by so that the situation is salvagable. But oftentimes it's not. All I can say is TRY. We are destined to meet our Soulmate, what you do after that is "your" choice. We are born into this world alone and we begin our journey. Few are lucky we find the right partner, "The ONE" along the way. With this person we grow, learn and experience the wonders of human existence.

They become part of us, as we become part of them. Eventually, our journey must end as we were born to die, alone. But in between these two points we hopefully have learned, experienced and gained some wisdom with the chance to pass it on. As I walk my chosen path I say to those of you who shall follow me, this is but one part of the road which lay ahead of you. In my lifetime, I found my Soulmate. I know the joys, the exquisite highs and the sense of oneness, completion and peace. Yet as we turn the coin on the other side, I also know the ongoing torment of losing one.

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I hope you never have to find out how it feels But if you do, know this: "You will survive. Your life will never be the same, but given enough time you will survive" At such a moment, you are not able to see that way. Once you do survive, the choices, good or bad, are your responsibility The dedication was To: Kimberly I waited all my life to find you The love was grand, the passion unrivaled and we both finally felt complete.

Sadly for both of us, until YOU put in enough time on this planet Author Unknown Back To Top 3. Twin Souls Search for Wholeness "The worlds are just a playground of the you and I, the colorful mask of the two-in-one, I am in you like you are in me, oh love. Twin souls or twin flames are the male and female half soul whom together form a conscious, developed soul. According to many myths and esoteric teachings there originally existed one big soul, God, who divided him-her-itself along creation into smaller souls. In the human realm this process led to individual souls for each androgynous being, and finally these souls were divided into a male and female half for each man and woman.

I believe that the story of Adam and Eve is a symbolical description hereof. Since each male has a female part, and each female a male part, they somehow remember their original state of oneness and search for each other's complement in a partner. This is sexuality in a broader sense.

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The eastern yin-yang symbol very well expresses this eternal attraction of opposite parts, because one recognizes the self in the other one. Yet the flame of God's oneness is in each individual being, what means that men and women can experience wholeness in oneself without having a partner. Men need to first develop their masculinity and then make room for their softer female side. Women first need to develop their femininity and then bring their masculine part to flower. This way people manifest the yin-yang symbol inside.

When the inner lover is recognized a next beautiful step on the journey to completion can be taken: finding and merging with the other side of your soul. Twin soul relationships are very close; you share a same level of development and interests with a partner who deeply loves you for who you are, and who will encourage you to become more of who you are.

Such relationships can be very harmonious. They can also encounter deep conflicts, because the quick personal development of the partners brings hidden patterns in a fast pace to the surface. And twin flames are complementary, so they can heartily disagree, yet value each other's differences. These relationships are often filled with coincidences or other signs of interconnectedness. Getting to know a twin soul often is dramatic, and somehow long before prepared by the Universe. This is a true story about such a meeting: A teacher in grammar school tells about Marduk.

Hearing this name somehow strikes a chord in a 10 years old girl. Moreover, what I have seen with some clients in very difficult relationships choosing to suffer in agonizing pain, just to be with their twin flame. Twin flames throughout history and literature are seen as tragic love stories i. The dark forces of anti-love run rampant on planet earth, working to sabotage twin flames and keep them apart.

Often twin flames do not have enough Self-mastery to maintain a healthy partnership. Thus, they seek solace with the next best alternative a soul mate. Soul mates and karmic relationships are the other two positions of partnership. Soul mates can create very happy marriages as they are working on similar soul initiations, life lessons, and projects in this life.

Soul mates have been friends for lifetimes and may need each other in this life to satisfy a mission or complete a work. They may not experience the incredible, all-consuming, intense love dynamic as twin flames. However, soul mates experience a calmer, more stable connection on the lines of a brother and a sister type rapport. It is the slow burn that lasts a lifetime. Not the all-consuming twin flame fire that can destroy lives. I find the very best marriages to be between soul mates they work very harmoniously together in business, raising children and contributing to the community.

Soul mates make us feel happier, stronger and richer. Karmic relationships are often confused with that of twin flames because they have the same intense attraction and emotional charge. My body will not stop desiring you, the compulsive sexual attraction. In truth, these are often symptoms of a tragic past life experience from a prior life.

Your soul is offering you as a warning Not a green light to get involved. Yet people often ignore or mistake their Inner Being voice and jump in full speed ahead, only to come out hurt, defeated and lost.

I speak from personal and professional experience. Karmic relationships are where either the person owes you a karmic-debt or you owe them from a former life. The liaison ends when the debt is paid or when Spirit determines the time of opportunity to play the relationship out is up. All relationships are for mutual growth and personal evolution. How can you tell if you are in a karmic relationship? No relationship is perfect, but if you feel like you need therapy as a result of being with this person, then this could be an indicator. Feeling drained emotionally, physically, and financially are all indicators of a karmic entanglement.

If you feel like you are on a downward spiral and are losing income your relationships is karmic. Are you doing all the giving and your partner is doing all the taking? Look-out this may be a karmic entanglement. We need to love Self more than the need for any relationship. You are having a relationship with You first. We need to be in a strong healthy relationship with Self in order to be healthy with another.

In truth, we are the forerunners of this Great Golden Age dawning. The power of love between twin flames and soul mates spreads out into our communities and their love heals us all. Balance is the key in all successful relationships and how the universe works. There must be an equal amount of giving and receiving for a healthily balanced union.

Successful relationships whether they are twin flames, soul mates or karmic relationships give and receive from each other creating a healthy balanced dynamic. Have you two been together in a previous life?